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Womenoo Wear Daily has announced that Christian Dior will team up with Berlin contemporary art star Anselm Reyle dior handbags price for a line of accessories, handbags and makeup just in time for Miamioo Art Basel. Ioo pretty sure that it cost me a hundred bucks just to write that sentence. In all seriousness, though, dior online store perhaps Reyleoo thoroughly modern take on these bags and small Buy Dior bags cheap leather goods is an indication dior handbags sale that dior handbags sale LVMH is done being so precious with the Dior aesthetic?

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Iooe moaned about how stagnant Dioroo handbags are a few times in the past, and it sees as though most of you agree that the company could stand to go in a Dior purses for cheap new direction and try something more modern. Dior is a huge, venerable brand, after all, and ignoring the opportunity cash in on that history via lustworthy handbags is not a very LVMH thing to do. Dior could be selling purses hand over fist, but for the past half a decade or so, the powers that be have more or less completely declined the opportunity.

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